Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stations of the Cross March 20th

The review of the Stations of the Cross? Hmm, not good I'm afraid.Smiley did well, carrying off the pivotal role of Simon with skill and emotional weight, but the rest of the cast was lackluster and divorced from the events they portrayed. Apparently Jesus falls only once, and then merely stumbles from that point on, and Mary didn't seem to care one bit about her son dying in front of her. The costumes were good, and Smiley's photo is on the cover of the program, but beyond that I'd grade the whole thing a D-. They ought to be grateful they are only 2nd graders, or it'd be a flat F. ;)

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Jeanne said...

That is so awesome, his picture on the flyer. He is such a good boy, and very good looking. Sorry I was unable to attend.