Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Laws of Yahtzee

  1. Full-sheet games are the bomb. Single game hands are for wimps and children.

    They [ones] count
  2. All full houses, accepted or not, must be greeted by calls of "Full Hooowwwwse" by your opponents
  3. Dan ‏@i15h
    They'll kill you in Vegas for that
  4. I'll take that full house - and i won't feel bad about it
  5. that's a lot of pips
  6. Take it [full house] when it's offered

    1. It is permissible, even encouraged, 2 cuss at or berate an opponent's Yahtzee, but it *must* b followed by insincere congrats
    2. Talk to the dice. It helps. They like attention.
    3. Never waste ur 3rd roll trying 2 finish off a lg straight, unless u've got the small on the table & r content 2 settle for it.

      An open ended [ 2-5] attempt at a large straight is a beautiful thing to see on a first roll.

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Anonymous said...

You're stealing my Grandma Kohn's quote, "they'd kill you in Vegas for that!".... :) good memories.