Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The basketball banquet

On Saturday May 11th (the 22nd anniversary of my Confirmation, IIRC) I took LuLu to her basketball award banquet. She had quit the team a month or so before, citing a coach that was less than sedate, but she was still invited to the dinner. That didn't stop her from being VERY very nervous,. I tweeted the following: 

@ an award banquet for lu and she is very ill at ease. She txtd lis " Mom my team are all buds but not me im the weird girl in the corner"

I told her to stop acting like me and start acting more like her Mom - socialize. With time, and a few Shirley Temple's, she started not only hanging out with a couple of girls, but drawing others into her orbit. 

During the evening, which was the eve of Mothers Day, each Mom - or in my case, Dad - was given a rose by their girl for the holiday. LOL - but super sweet. 


At the end of the night, she got a medal of her own. 

What was the final verdict on the banquet? Thumbs up!

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