Saturday, May 11, 2013

The (official) Dance Portraits of 2012-2013

Here's my YaYa in her Thriller costume; she also performed in Let's Twist Again. 

This is LuLu in her Something to Dance For costume; this was taken ONE day after her tonsillectomy. All props to the tough chick. 

Smiley danced in Locomotion

Young Junie danced to Lilo's and was gooooorrrrrgeous!

Finally, here's a group shot of Team Slap :)


Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love!!!!

Sybil said...

OMG they are all growing so fast and look these four just wonderful girls and lad..., how the years pass...Just love them all...hope you don't mind if I keep them..I have loads of them all ages in my "family" folder x Thanks as always for sharing them with us.
Sybil x