Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Spring Festival (First Communion Celebration)

First off here's a pic of my baby:

After the recital we treated Smiley and the girls to some time at our parish Spring Festival, something the kids love but I . . . well, I normally weasel my way out of it :)

Neither Smiley nor I like rides, so he spent his tickets on the giant slide.

Lisa and the girls preferred to spend theirs on the tilt'a'whril.

Meanwhile Smiley tried his hand at skeet ball and won a gold-ish chain with an "Ace" pendant.

To top off the evening my daughters wanted to ride, er - whatever THIS thing is called. Smiley and I wanted noooooo part of it!

Ain't they beauties?

They had a blast on the ride, and Junie made sure to wave each and every time it rotated past us!


They all had a blast. After this, it was the drive-thru at Taco Bell followed by an impromptu picnic/romp in the park, and the before-posted Railroad Walk!

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Sybil said...

What a great day everyone seems to have had...great action photo's as well...Sure a day to remember, Thanks as always for sharing xx