Friday, May 17, 2013

Y U No Flush?

For Mother's Day YaYa gave Lisa a pretty dry erase board that we keep in the bathroom to leave reminders, post inspirational quotes, or whatnot for the kids. 

The following is YaYa's version of whatnot. Fed up with Junie's habit of not flushing the toilet, she quickly sketched out a toilet, complete with poo and 'stink waves'. 

She drew an arrow to the poo and wrote "RIP Your taco + salad' and directed another arrow at the toilet handle with the caption "it was made so we don't have to see what you ate." 

The title of this mocking artwork "Y U No Flush?" 



Anonymous said...

I love the mother's Day gift and I love how everyone is getting involved with it, and I love this one the best so far, lol. But....I will say the quote before this one is prob more appropriate. I'm pretty tired of Junie's bathroom habits too!!!

Anonymous said...

Funniest thing ever. I love Grace!