Saturday, July 13, 2013

Two Quotes from Junie

Junie was goofing around on our office chair when she tripped and 

fell off, landing on her face. Lisa and I both checked for injuries (to 

date, Junie is the only kid who has yet to have stitches). Thankfully

the damage was minor. “You’re ok, but you’ll have a fat lip,” Lisa 

told her.

Immediately Junie, who had faced down numerous injuries without 

blinking,  was aghast.

“FAT??!!!,” she said. “I gonna have a fat lip!”

Junie, you see, has a wee bit of a distaste for the 

weight-challenged, despite having yours truly as a father.


Junie came home from a weekend with Lisa’s mother singing a song

 that went like this “Chock-o-lat, you drivin’ me crazy” and she 

sang it over and over. Apparently this tune was belted out by a 

mechanical monkey she saw at Grandma’s, and as far as I was 

concerned it was singing about the wonders of chocolate. Lisa 

wasn’t so sure, and translated that first line – goodness knows how – as “Jungle Love”

Sure as day, it WAS “Jungle Love” by Milwaukee’s own Steve Miller.

Another favorite of hers, this one from the cartoon “Phineas and 

Ferb”:  “My name is Doof and you do what I say, my name is doof 

and you do what I say.”

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