Thursday, August 14, 2014

Father's Day 2014

On the day before Father's Day my handsome son accompanied me on a Father's Day hike at Hawthorn Glen, a nature preserve here in Milwaukee. 

The guide was a father/son team too!

At the conclusion of the hike the group BBQ'd over an open fire, and ate up some wild onions we'd picked along the way!

Smiley had a great time. He was super affectionate and declared it the best Father's Day ever, and something we should do every year. I couldn't agree more!

Here are the cardsI got for Father's Day itself:

And my gifts. A firesafe

A boxing magazine

And a GREAT boxing glove keychain with a Polish eagle, which Lisa and Lu had bought for me at Polish Fest. 

What a great Father's Day!

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