Friday, August 1, 2014

TeamSlap Picnics at the Park

With Lisa working State Fair, I had our annual picnic at Whitnall Park, with its traditional search for golf balls in the tall grass of a blocks-long field. 

This years tally was low - a mere 8, not including one badly damaged by a mower - 

but I did catch and release some grasshoppers, saw and failed to capture a snake, and had a beautiful red dragonfly land on my belly!

Note: LuLu wasn't feeling well and so did not attend :( 

In addition, Smiley saw that Junie was upset that she hadn't found any balls, so he told me he would hide one in the grass and let her find it. I vetoed that (she found one on her own anyway) but told Junie about his plan, and the love in her eyes for her brother was something to see.

Good kids, these, if you conveniently overlook the tantrums and the drain on my wallet 

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