Monday, June 20, 2016

The Zoo on Father's Day 2016

     On Father's Day after I opened my gifts, I wanted to take the family to the zoo. Due to the heat and general apathy, only LuLu and Ginger decided to go with me. In some ways it was far better that way: less pressure to make it a "memory", less personality conflicts, less $$ out of my pocket. 

     That last point was my favorite. 


 Just about as soon as we arrived we hit the big cat house to see the lions and whatnot. 

Then, with extra cash unexpectedly in my wallet, I let the girls go on the sky glider. 

I promised this worker internet immortality. 

The big hit of the day, to my surprise, was the reptile and fish building. Not because, as they claimed later, of the air conditioning, but because they both seemed genuinely fascinated with each exhibit and actually interacted with one another.

The primate house was a disappointment, not the least of which because this guy threw poop at the glass.

In the primate house was a device to measure your grip strength in relation to that of an orangutan. I topped out at 85 pounds per square inch (I think that was the measurement standard), and 70 with my left hand.

By that time my hip was hurting, and so was Ginger's ear (her tube is working its way out), so it was time to leave. We still stopped and saw the bears and elephant before hitting the road. 

It was a blast. Thanks LuLu and Ginger!