Thursday, August 18, 2016

College for Kids 2016

Once again my kids were privileged to participate in UW-Milwaukee's College for Kids program for two weeks this summer. 

This is fake outrage (again), as she had a big grin before and after the pictures. 

All are now old enough for full roaming privileges on the campus. 

They each had three classes. 

Here are some of LuLu's art pieces. 

And some Photoshop examples from YaYa - the latter was featured on the CFK website. 

YaYa and friends.

Pottery by Junie. One day the power went out on campus, and they couldn't use the kiln. For three weeks we tried to co-ordinate a pickup of the items - only to discover they all fit in the palm of my hand! (the last pic)

 She also earned a white belt in Tae Kwon Do, and broke some boards during her test!

Smiley's work was an asteroid-like video game that I obviously can't post here, but he had a blast doing it!

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