Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fox Brook Lake - Sunday August 14th

With her brother and his two oldest girls in town to visit her sick stepfather, Lisa organized an outing to Fox Brook Lake for both families. 

Since he forgot a swimsuit, Mike was stuck with grill duty, firing up jalapeno burgers and brats. 

It was eerie how similar the second-oldest girls were physically, and in temperament. 

No pics of the swimming and diving this time, as I didn't want to risk the camera again. But we did go pedal-boating, with Mike and I taking turns taxiing the kids. 

This is FAKE outrage. Real outrage would have put the camera in the lake LOL

Sadly, as with every trip to the lake, a guest (this time Mike) dropped his phone in the water, rending it a brick :(

This is Samma, Mike's second oldest. 

Aside from the loss of the phone, I think everyone had a blast!

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