Sunday, August 28, 2016

GusGus and the Fishtank

 This is GusGus, heir to Billy, who in turn was heir to Lucky. Behind him is our 40 gallon fish tank. 

Whenever you press the button atop the tank to turn on the light, and/or open the curio cabinet to retrieve the fish food, this is what will happen:

GusGus will come running, from wherever he may be, and jump atop the table next to the fishtank. 

You must - and I stress MUST - shake a bit of the fish food into the cap of the bottle and hold it out for his dining pleasure. He will respond only for fish food, no mere "cat treat."

Once he has partaken, you are then allowed to feed the fish. He will then stare at the fish from his perch at he table, taunting them and forcing them to live every moment of their waking life with a predator a breath away from them. 

He's a charmer. LOL

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