Saturday, August 20, 2016

Junie and I at the MSO - March 8, 2016

Back in March Junie asked me the chaperone a trip to see the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. She told us her class would be performing onstage with recorders, and she was both nervous and excited. 

It was quite the feat for me to climb the steps to the balcony at the MSO, less than three months after hip surgery, but I did it for my girl. As it turns out, they weren't performing on stage- that bit never made much sense to begin with - but rather participating from the audience ALONG with the musicians on stage. 

It was an interactive experience meant to drive the kids into the arts, and dang if the audience didn't soak it up, shouting out the answers to symphony related trivia questions displayed on a big screen, and bouncing around to the music. 

I was impressed. 

And my Junie and I had a very good time :)

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