Monday, August 29, 2016

Kaepernick is a bum, but a bum with rights

Colin Kaepernick has a right to protest as he wishes. The fact that he makes millions, simply by virtue of being born in a country that values his skills, doesn't negate his ability to argue on behalf of those making far less money, whether you think his cause is just or not.  

Likewise, the fact that TimTebow was mocked and minimized for his utterly sincere belief in Christ does not, in return, grant you the power to shun Kaepernick out of spite. 

But before you think I went all lefty-loosey, think again.

He did not protest in the past, when his money was being negotiated and deals made, and when he was riding an over-hyped path to stardom. No siree, not then. Not when he supposedly experienced police impropriety in college, not when Trayvon Martin was killed, not when Ferguson erupted, not when Chicago and Baltimore turned into a killing field for blacks No, not then. 

Now, when he's a bench player that can't get a starting gig, NOW he deems it important enough to make his point, and coincidentally make things mighty uncomfortable for the organization benching him.
I call B.S. 

He's a piece of petulant, hypocritical sh*t, but even pieces of s*it have their rights. 

Of course, the 1st amendment applies ONLY to the gov't acting upon your speech. An employer can do as they wish regarding the speech and actions of an employee, and I think the NFL is eager, if possibly unwilling, to grant him a permanent spot on the bench and out of the spotlight.

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Estela said...

I like what you have to say about his previous "opportunities" to protest. Frankly, I don't care whether any one stands during the Anthem, and I don't care if they have their hands down to their sides (which is how I do it) or whether they place it on their heart (which is apparently something that got started after I left elementary school). I agree he has a right to protest in any way he sees fit. And we have the same right to protest his protest by not spending our dollars in any way that benefits him.