Sunday, October 30, 2016

Smiley and Junie go roller skating 10-6-16

My two youngest went roller skating on the sixth. There's not much to write about it, but they had a blast and I'm always happy when my kids bond together over activities. 

Junie gets glasses! 10-21-16

Junie got some bad news at the optometrist this month. From perfect vision last year, to an entire point drop in one eye this time around, necessitating a pair of glasses. 

She was not amused. 

But, by the time they arrived, she seemed eager for them. I drove her to pick them up. 

And to help ease the transition, bought her this classy carrying case, and a cleaning cloth and liquid cleaner. 

Alas, she loved it so much she took the case everywhere, including to Grandma's, and during her time with her she left it behind at a KFC and it was stolen. 

Two days after I bought it. 

C'est la vie. I've already inquired about ordering another, but we'll see if she even continues to show interest. It's not really a necessity, and she's doing fine without it. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Our 20th Wedding Anniversary

Twenty years ago today- that's five days less than my wife had spent on the earth at the time - this happened. 

 Anyone that says their marriage has been free of conflict, and immune to periods of turmoil is either a liar or single.  For us, the good days have far, far exceeded the bad. In twenty years we've made four great kids, but even if God had chose not to bless us with them, I still married my best friend and a heck of a hottie; I think we would have been just fine. 

I had big plans for our 20th anniversary, but (typical Pisces) it didn't pan out. No matter. For the 25th, we go all out.

You heard it here first. 

Happy Anniversary Sinatra!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

YaYa's Homecoming 10-7-16

Earlier this month YaYa and her boyfriend attended the Homecoming Dance at their high school. She asked me to accompany them to the Art Museum first to photograph them, and I happily obliged. 

Unfortunately, most of my pictures sucked, although YaYa was kind about it. Plus a security guard kicked us out, saying they don't allow their site to be used for "commercial enterprises." Huh. As far as I know, I've never made a dime off of this blog, but allrighty. 

She looked happy. Like, really, honest to goodness, genuinely happy, and that, in turn, made me very happy for her. 

By all accounts the event went well and she had a blast. I'm proud of that girl. She's growing up into a fine young woman. 

I love you YaYa!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Grasshoppers

Three times this summer we headed over to a local park and collected grasshoppers. Whenever we got a new batch, we paroled the old ones by releasing them in the backyard. 

I love grasshoppers by the way. The drink, and the insect. 

Here's Junie releasing the last batch of the year with her friend Tia. 

Afterwards, I took them to the park. I spent most of the time there sitting by the playground reading a book on Jack the Ripper, which I'm sure wasn't alarming to anyone at all.