Wednesday, October 12, 2016

YaYa's Homecoming 10-7-16

Earlier this month YaYa and her boyfriend attended the Homecoming Dance at their high school. She asked me to accompany them to the Art Museum first to photograph them, and I happily obliged. 

Unfortunately, most of my pictures sucked, although YaYa was kind about it. Plus a security guard kicked us out, saying they don't allow their site to be used for "commercial enterprises." Huh. As far as I know, I've never made a dime off of this blog, but allrighty. 

She looked happy. Like, really, honest to goodness, genuinely happy, and that, in turn, made me very happy for her. 

By all accounts the event went well and she had a blast. I'm proud of that girl. She's growing up into a fine young woman. 

I love you YaYa!

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