Sunday, January 2, 2005

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As long as I'm on AOL Journals, I'll try to improve the comments situation. Meantime, as promised I'll reprint any emails here. I received this one about the Tsunami post:

Subj:  I blogged your post... it was REALLY good
Date: 12/30/04 6:48:20 PM Central Standard Time

I couldn't find how to make a comment on your blog but
wanted you to know I blogged your post.

Linda :)

I encourage you to visit her site and take a look around (and be sure to tell her Slapinons sent you). She seems to post quite a bit, so you may have to hunt for my post.

About a week from now I'll spend a day reprinting each comment from BE and email I've received about the site...and I'll post a roll call of blogs that I've had contact with. Meantime, if you're on BE and like this site, leave a comment and rate me.


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