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is a 2007 film starring Mena Suvari as a young nurses aide who hits a homeless man (played by Stephen Rea) while driving home high. The man is stuck in her windshield, but rather than report the accident or get him help she parks the car in her garage and waits for him to die.

While he struggles to free himself from his excruciating prison she has sex with her boyfriend, goes to work, and otherwise tries to maintain the illusion of a normal day.

The film is loosely based on the death of Gregory Biggs, who faced the same horrible fate.

Initially, the filmmakers try hard to frame her actions as those of a good person who fails herself when confronted by a difficult situation, rather than as an immoral/amoral and heartless killer. She's seen taking great care with an elderly patient and is held up as a symbol of responsibility in her profession.

That buildup falls flat quickly once the hit-and-run takes place. This is not a fender bender, or even the vaguely more excusable cover-up of a fatal hit and run; this is the slow and painful death of a man while you stand around and watch.

The change is abrupt but complete, and soon enough more than one person is on the moral hook, from her boyfriend to the neighbors who ignore the evidence in front of them.

Lisa found the actions mystifying and a little unrealistic. As for myself, I believe a large chunk of humanity holds idiocy and immorality close to their heart. So when a woman proceeds to beat a critically injured man and declare it is 'his fault', well, it's sadly not so unbelievable.

One thing about the film's production disturbed me. After seeing the film I saw the trailer and was surprised to see it edited to make it appear to be a comedy. Upon hitting the internet I saw several references to it as a 'dark comedy' or 'satire'. I found it nothing of the sort while watching it. Maybe I'm too dumb and it sailed over my head, or the studio had trouble marketing it properly, or whatever, but a comedy . . no, I don't think so.

3.0 out of 4


Bridgett said...

I remember reading about this in the news!

Honestly, it's one of the most bizarre, disturbing stories I've heard.

The movie sounds worthy of watching though for 3 out of 4 stars. Maybe I'll rent it this weekend.

Thanks for the review!


megryphon said...

They made a movie of that!?? Gross!!! (Well, they are up to SAW V and Nightmare on Elmstreet XXVIInow, aren't they?)

Won't be the first time a movie has been deliberately pitched to the wrong market. Check out the promos for a 30-yr-old sinker called Pickup on 101. It was billed as a racy road pic, but was really a rather schmaltzy tale of a dying man passing on his philosopy of life.

;^) Jan the Gryphon