Friday, December 19, 2008

A Link to my Column

Wouldn't you know it, my first column for The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel hit the stands on a snow day, with ten inches of white stuff on the ground and more in the air.

That means until I shovel out I can't lay my hands on a copy of the paper, and thousands of MJS subscribers will probably miss their delivery and, more importantly, their first chance to read my spiel.

The column is entitled 'The Surest Way to Keep Kids Safe in Water' and is more or less as I wrote it, with some last-minute editorial add-ons to keep it current and duly identify my sources in the body of the text.

(It was accepted November 13th but published today to coincide with a law it discusses.)

Here's a link:

Per MJS I can republish the text in full here, but won't do it until the article itself gets its due :) Please feel free to email the article, via MJS's 'email this' link, to whoever you like. I have no proof, but I'd imagine MJS keeps track of such stats and a little publicity never hurts.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Congrats on being published. I did as requested :o)

Beth said...

Ken sent me the link (I haven't read all my Reader blogs yet) and I checked it out. Congrats, and great job!

abuecker said...

Kudo's on being published! One small step toward an ultimate goal. Will I be able to say, when you are rich and famous, that my daughter went to school with his daughter........?

Sybil said...

An excellent article Dan. Congradulations.
Sybil x

Estela said...

Congrats on the article. I completely agree with you. I have had my children in swim lessons their whole lives... BUT we also kept a close eye on them when they were in the water. We made sure that we traded back and forth and never assumed that the other one had control unless we've handed it off. Great job on the article. :)

Bridgett said...

Congratulations to you!!

Off to check out your article. :)