Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You Don't Mess with the Zohan


I was all set to rip this movie as the hair stylist version of Zoolander, but you know what? I surrender. I liked it.

Adam Sandler stars as Zohan, a top-level Mossad agent who tires of the life and stages his own death. He journeys to America, where he seeks to become a great hairstylist. He's on his way to making his dream come true when his identity is revealed and he must act to protect his dream and the Palestinian woman he loves.

There's not a minute of this movie that is serious, deep, or emotionally fufilling, which is a damn good thing. Aiming for any of those three in a movie where a fish is caught between the clenched buttocks of the star, and bushy pubic hair is referenced more than once . . well, it just wouldn't work.

Somehow the movie keeps your interest, and more importantly keeps you laughing, all the way through - and the female love interest is hot enough to justify your time even if the movie sucked.

[side note: I thought the 'Going out of Business' store was dead-on. Here in Milwaukee there's a mattress store nearby that has been advertising 'going out of business'/'final clearance'/'closing our doors/all items must go' for well over a year now; actually *two* years now that I think about it.]

Kudos to Sandler on a funny and enjoyable movie. Oh, and Zohan, ignore the snide comments in the film. I liked your hair. But, uh, just to be clear, I mean the hair on top of your head.

3 stars out of 4


Jeanne said...

Your writing is soooo funny, I lol, thanks for the review...

Bridgett said...

As an avid Sandler fan, I'm sure I'll like this movie as well. He's so refreshingly juvenile and immature. LOL

Haven't had a chance to see it yet though.

Thanks for the review!

BTW...I LIKED Zoolander. ;)
Oh, did you see they're coming out with a part 2?