Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doctor Thursday at the Slapinions house

It's going to be a long day of doctor appointments. I already finished one and found out what I already knew: that last weeks x-ray's showed heel spurs. I guess what was good enough for Joltin' Joe is good enough for me.

But I also discussed my back with the doc. I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a kid but was told it was too mild to be treated. Eh, that reeks of bulls**t in hindsight, but either way its gotten much more pronounced lately. The doc checked my spine, noted a curvature to the right, rattled off some Latin into his digital recorder and said "Your left side is shorter, correct?"

"Left side of what? My whole left side? I don't know, I've never measured."

He nodded briskly. "It is shorter. Note how your left shoulder sits below your right. You must go for x-rays."

So in a few minutes its back out to West Allis to get the ol' spine zapped.

Meanwhile, Lisa has developed an abscess above a troublesome tooth, which is naturally a concern for us all. Oh, and all three of the older kids have scheduled physicals for this afternoon and I'm supposed to drive to Pewaukee this evening to pick up a new couch.

Fun times, fun times.


jeanne said...

Oh by God, what a day....

How can you pick up a couch? Do you know what the doc and do for your back? what about the Spurs, they must hurt...

An abscess in a tooth is sooooo painful, I feel so sorry for her....

I hope that the kids aren't sick just a check up right? Let me know what the results of all thanks

Sybil said...

Good evening Dr Dan !!
Hope that today has gone to plan and that all are on the way to being in better conidion ! Thank goodness you have health Ins.
An Anbess must be about the worst thing painwise..hopefully the dentist has been able to do somthing for poor Liza.
keep us up to date,
Sybil x

Joyce said...

I'm in pain just reading your entry. I dealt with an absessed tooth not long ago so I feel for her. Also, years ago I had a spur on my heel that required surgery. No problems since but I know how they hurt. Good luck with the back and don't be lifting couches.
Hugs, Joyce

Bridgett said...

Yuck. Sounds like a horrible day to me!

I'm so sorry Lisa's feeling bad. Give her a hug for me, will you? And let her know I'm going to try and save up for a NKOTB concert in Ohio...maybe we can meet up.

Hang in there. The day is coming to a close.