Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Great Smiley News!

The Little Man got off the school bus and ran into the house brandishing a note from his teacher. It read as follows, with each 'bold' word being underlined twice in the teacher's handwriting:

[Smiley] said his own name today correctly with the "k" sound!! (I was so happy, tears came to my eyes!) Ask him to say it for you - emphasize the "k" for him! It was an awesome day!!

Ms. Heidi

Hot dog! Way to go little guy!

You should have seen how happy and proud Smiley was with the reaction he got. Oh, it would warm your heart. What great news!


Astaryth said...

w00t! Go Smiley, Go Smiley! That's wonderful. And, he SHOULD be proud.

jeanne said...

why to go smiley, good work.

Beth said...

That's wonderful!

Estela said...

Love the good notes and phone calls from teachers. Great job, Smiley!

Bridgett said...

That's WONDERFUL news! Trust me, as the mom of an autistic son who just started talking in the last couple years...I completely understand what great news this is for you.

Parker used to call himself 'Arker.'

When he started pronouncing the 'p' we had a celebration. LOL

Congrats to Smiley. :)

Sybil said...

Dan it brings tears to my eyes as well. I have always said to you that one day the wee fella would turn out ok...just takes his time..
does our Smiley...
Love Sybil x