Monday, April 27, 2009

Pics of Lump's First Haircut. Sorta.

A few readers (and let's face facts, that's all I have, God luv 'em - a few readers) have asked for pictures of Lump/Ginger's first haircut.

It aintagonna happen, because Papa Slap was at work when the event took place and Lisa is fond of saying "Forget the camera. Record it in your memories". Well and good, but memories alone don't make a blog post, so you're all out of luck. Sorry Future Lump/Ginger.

But I did scrounge up some pictures of YaYa's first ever haircut, taken with an antique digital camera way back circa 2003-2004. The exact date is documented in print editions of her baby book.

Close your eyes and pretend it's Ginger. I promise I won't tell people you cheated.





Donna said...

What a beauty!

Estela said...

you know, we took pictures of Mac's first haircut...but I don't remember doing the same for the girls...

Bridgett said...

I have my camera with me for EVERYTHING.

Doug, my husband, is always rolling his eyes at me.

I always reply, "You'll appreciate these pictures one of these days."

Because as much as we think we won't forget...we ALWAYS do. Well, I do anyway. LOL