Saturday, April 18, 2009

A short Saturday post

It's a beautiful day here in Milwaukee, with summer like temps and an insane amount of sunlight. We even had my father-in-law and his wife stop by to visit in the backyard. And wonder of wonders, my tulips have begun to come up! Having planted them in the midst of our first winter snowstorm I'd have laid money on them being a no-go, but they're hardier than I thought.

* * * * *

I got my first anonymous, non-fan (not hate) mail yesterday. It was mailed to my father, as I'm not in the book, and was a polite handwritten letter responding to my article on Archbishop Dolan. Nothing objectionable in it until the end, where he says "congratulations to your [Lutheran] wife for not being under the spiritual domination" of the Catholic Church.

Ah. There are only two acceptable bigotries in America nowadays, one towards fat people and another towards Catholics. Luckily I'm both.

* * * * *

I work today and have to hit the showers. Later!


Bridgett said...

Eek! And folks think that's acceptable to send as a letter to somebody?


Glad you've had a beautiful day!


jeanne said...

What a very odd letter, I mean why take the time and money to write then put a note like that in it...I see that kind of comments, on comments on the net, but not in a letter....

It was a great day, glad you could spend it with family.

Have a great day

Joyce said...

I find that horrible. That someone would have the nerve to write you a letter and mail it to your home. OMG! AND then end it with bigotry to boot. UGH & GRRR.
Hugs, Joyce

DB said...

There are no acceptable bigotries, not even against bigots.

I'm surprised Anon didn't sign the note "In Jesus name"