Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jon and Kate (plus - this years final American Idol note!)

I just posted what, for me, was an angry comment on a blog I frequent. By the standards of most blogs it was mild - heck, I've gotten worse here over the years - but I just had my fill of bullsh** lobbed at Jon and Kate.

You may not watch the show. You may not like them. You may not like Kate in particular (I hear ya brother). But to say that they don't love their kids, or are intentionally subjecting their kids to harm, is complete and utter CRAP.

The show is about a family. You see them for all of three days out of every seven they live, and each show does nothing more than document the everyday goings on of the household. You know why I like it? BECAUSE 90% OF THE TIME IT MIRRORS MY OWN LIFE.

Artistic oldest daughter with a flair for selfish tantrums? Check. A cuddly mama's boy quick to cause destruction and mayhem? Yup. Fashion diva daughter with a big heart? I see it every day. Tired, worn out parents? Join the club.

This is nothing more than the fallout from a (sadly) bormal marital woe, [alleged] infidelity. Shitty of Jon if true, and shitty for the family, but hardly unique, and definitely not evidence of Evil Incarnate.

What I find more troublesome is our country's fascination with destroying those we admire. We're a country that values underdogs, sure, but when did that become synonymous with debasing anyone on the top of the heap? We love them in April, we despise them in May. And why? Because Jon may or may not have wet his whistle? It'd be crazy if you answered "Reason enough!" but Americans don't stop there. No, we see the guy cheat, and so we spend weeks demonizing his wife. F*ing insane. Really.

Grow up America.

From Monday's show it seems apparent Jon wants out. He has his reasons, and I'm sure they're valid. If they don't work things out, so be it; I'll keep watching.

* * * * *

I'd be remiss if I failed to close the American Idol season without some commentary. I didn't care who won the finale so I didn't watch the competiition show, but I tuned into the results show just to catch the acts. Wow. Easily the best finale ever. Hell, it was better than the Grammy's.

Queen. Kiss. Cyndi Lauper. A drunk or stoned Rod Stewart. Steve Martin (?). Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas.

Again, wow.

Adam's camp has launched a minor conspiracy about the results, but it's nothing of note. I've read that the result was, if not a landslide, then so onesided it wasn't even a contest. As to Kris' coronation, I'll paraphrase the comments I've left on several blogs. Kris won for two reasons:

a) AI completely oversold Adam. We'd long since reached the saturation point with him. America likes underdogs.

b) Once Danny was gone, where were the fans of your average, church going family man going to go? To Danny Lite (Kris), or the Goth guy with the tongue fetish?


Bridgett said...

I feel sorry for the whole family. It's a sad situation. It really is.

As for AI...the "goth freak with the tongue fetish" comment made me laugh. :)


Beth said...

No comment on the J&K thing--I don't watch the show, don't care about their infidelities (or not), and so have no opinion.

I don't know if you read what I wrote about the AI finale, but I totally agree with you--it was the best ever! There were several times when I said "WOW!" and I don't often say that for a show like Idol. I can't help it, I still love Rod Stewart! And when Roger Taylor and Brian May joined in on "We Are the Champions"...well, I'd be lying if I said I didn't well up a bit.

Did you notice that Adam sang "Beth"? :D

Jeanne said...

I don't watch J&K, but your writting was interesting and liked it alot. 3 days out of 7 isn't enought to judge anything.

I liked the AI finale, it was great, but I'm not a Kiss fan for sure. I liked Adam, (Not the tongue) He reminds me of a young Elvis..sorry

artsyprincess said...

Regarding the Jon and Kate situation, I truly feel bad for the children. With all the finger-pointing and all the anger and animosity between them.. the kids are suffering the most.

I hope they find a solution to their situation, even if it means ending the show for the sake of saving their marriage and the lives of their children..

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

alphawoman said...

I watched the show only once and thought it was sort of strange. The parents never smiled and seemed overwhelmed. I believe Jon had the kids out in the forest for a walk and one picks up a stick and begins to hit another with it. I thought it was funny. I think Jon took the stick and broke it, exactly what my father would have done (or maybe one of us would have gotten a swat on the ass with it first).As for Kate, she seemed to not enjoy being with her kids...but then again, I only saw it once.

AI - never watch it. But that kid Adam, man he can sing! Too bad Kiss didn't sing something less worn out and too bad Queen didn't sing Somebody to Love, because that is my!

Sean said...

Sorry to bother you but how do I get my blog to be in the google search engine like yours? Any help would be appreciated, thanks


Sean said...

My site is by the way.

Rhianna said...

I love J&K. I agree w/ what you said, thats what I think about all these J&K+HATE blogs. Man they really piss me off.