Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm going to try and sneak in a quick post before work.

It was a busy and productive morning. Smiley and I bought diapers, cat food and litter, went to the bank, paid our utility bill, gave my sister and Dad each a ride, dropped off a folder at the girl's school, and went to his ENT appointment.

[Smiley's ears have improved since the last appointment, but the right tube is still recessed and runs the risk of thinning the bone in his ear. So he'll have to try to fix it himself by holding his nose and blowing hard twice a day (I'm serious) or they'll have to fix it with surgery.]

Speaking of paying that utility bill; as of now my mortgage, car, insurance, utility and cell phone bills are all paid for the month. With the escrow increase in June, God willing that's not the last month I can say that. I need a better job, and ASAP.

Things have gotten so bad for a number of our circle that two of Lisa's friends have asked, independently of one another, if we'd consider allowing them to move in and help pay the costs of the house.

As Lisa is irrationally against the idea of having sister wives, I say no deal ;)

* * * *

Ok, I'm running out of time before work. So I'll scrap the last half of the post and (possibly) recycle it later. Have a good one!


Beth said...

So the Slapinions household is going to turn into "Big Love?" Could be interesting! Seriously, how scary that people are looking to move in with friends. I hope their fortunes improve.

Bridgett said...

Scary, scary.

I worry every month our bills are somehow going to increase so much we'll be without groceries.

But you know, it's actually not a bad idea having someone pay rent if you have an extra bedroom.