Sunday, October 24, 2010

Early August - movies, music, and more!

August 5th

Raided Redbox and watched "Don McKay", then 'Afterlife' w/ Christina Riccia and Liam Neeson. Both were good, but I'd give the nod to 'Afterlife'. It wasn't scary, but it sure was creepy.

Yesterday evening I spent an hour doing yardwork sans shirt - in part because of the heat, but also so the neighborhood ladies could swoon as the sweat dripped seductively down my back hair. Anyhow, in return for my selfless act the mosquito population scored a couple dozen direct hits, so the last 16 hours have SUCKED.

August 6th

Amelia Earhart crashed in the ocean, and Hoffa was whacked by the mob. There, I solved two great 'mysteries'. Whoo-woo. You want a missing person case with zest? Try Judge [Joseph Force] Crater. RIP Judge, wherever you are.

WTMJ just ran an story about a marijuana growing operation in a Brookfield house that was located right across the street from a school. Egads & gasps! The guy is facing *40 YEARS* for growing a plant, but I guarantee you could chop me to bits right where I sit & be out in 20. You know who should get 40 yrs? The narc who phoned in the tip, and a culture that devotes so much time, effort and $ to this crud. {this post met with some strong reactions from a cop friend of mine.}

August 7th

Nothing better than the smell of burnt popcorn in a breakroom as big as my closet

Yo - does anyone have a copy of *any* of the following DVD's: Howard the Duck, Space Camp, Short Circuit, or Batteries Not Included? [I would rent these for the kids in the following months]

August 8th

I heard a radio interview this morning with Tim Gunn. I wish I hadn't, because now I miss Project Runway something fierce. Anyhow, I love Tim Gunn - uh, you know, in a manly, largely platonic way.

After I dropped Lisa off at the [WI State] Fair I rented "Batteries Not Included" for the kids. Against all their (very vocal) expectations, they liked it. Olivia adored it actually, and peppered me with questions throughout. It really is as good as I remember.

Our Good Samaritan has struck again. This time they left a bag of school uniforms, and a brand new backpack filled with supplies on our porch. Whoever you are, thank you. [this was our friend Anne U.]

Me like The Like. Buy their album. As a bonus, the cover is hot.

Buy this album [Sia's We are Born]

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