Friday, October 15, 2010

Facebook - the first week of June

June 1st

Dave Cullen, the author of 'Columbine', left a comment on my blog's review of his book.

Al and Tipper Gore Break Up After 40 Years of Marriage

A school bus on the way to Fernwood Montessori tipped over near Chase & Oklahoma today, injuring at least 3 children. I saw the bus on the way to work today. Originally, because of the time of day and the location of the crash, there was some fear it was Smiley's bus. Thankfully, it wasn't, and all of his school's buses arrived safely.

Gasp - a Tues w/ out AI or Lost. I hope Glee is good. It's gotten a little heavy lately, w/ the wheelchair and long-lost Mom storylines. Plus there's the whole Kurt is gay and angry plotline - what's up w/ him? He's got a loving and supportive father, a great teacher, friends that adore him, and plenty of talent. That kid has a great support system - quit whining already.

June 2nd

God bless Progressive's roadside assistance program. It may just be the smartest purchase I've made in years. I blew a tire today on the way to work and once again they proved their worth. By my count that'd be three tows + that would have come out of my pocket since the 1st of the year.

Ken Griffey Jr has retired. One of the most exciting players of our era, and IMO the best of the '90's, Bonds be damned. I'm proud to have seen him play. See you in Cooperstown.

‎"A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul." - George Bernard Shaw

June 3rd

RIP Rue McClanahan, age 76.

I just finished 'Savages' by Don Winslow. It was very good and deserves a full write-up on my blog; hopefully I'll find the time soon. It's brutal, violent, sexy, and well, savage. Winslow doesn't just use the English language, he manipulates and twists it like play-doh to create the mood and thoughts he wishes to express. I envy his talent.

The mistake that cost him a perfect game was a lousy call, but on the bright side history will remember Armando Galarraga's game in a thousand trivia books.

Well damnit, I have a column published in the Journal-Sentinel today and no one told me. Go out and buy a copy, ok?

Back from Lu's Daisy Scout bridging ceremony, and it was actually quite fun. Congrats LuLu!

June 4th

The cable guy failed to show this AM, which put my day on hold. When I gave up on him Parker and I got my paycheck, went to the bank, made a few stops, and returned home with crickets for the turtle, some goldfish for Smiley, a Beta for YaYa, and Hannah Montana wrapping paper for Lu's gifts. *allegedly* Time Warner will now be here btwn 3-5.

We own a hollow kids table that has a removable top. During Smiley's sleepover his friend decided to use it - as a urinal.

RIP UCLA coach John Wooden

RIP local jeweler Marv Hussar

June 5th

Lisa and her crew are en route to Hammond, IN to see a New Kids on the Block concert. Meanwhile, we've extended Smiley's sleepover, and I took the boys to three libraries, a store, and finally to Little Caesar's for dinner. BTW thank heavens for LuLu; her Mommy skills have sure come in handy.

A man said to the universe:
"Sir, I exist!"
"However," replied the universe,
"The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation."

After dinner we watched the DVD's the boys got at the library, then I packed them off to bed. 90 minutes of chaos later I had to go hard core: I shut off every light on the 2nd flr, pulled up a chair, and sat insidethe bedroom door to stamp out so much as a whisper. I think I may now have the house to myself (well, Lu's up, but she's fine). A Torchwood/Primeval marathon it is!

I can't think of a rational or legal reason why the mosque shouldn't be built near Ground Zero. But my gut says this is wrong, a slap in our face disguised as a display of 'tolerance'. If they had any notion of respect or appropriateness they'd cancel their plans, just as if we valued our civilization we'd stop accepting such slights.

June 7th

We watched "Kate + Eight", the new Gosselin show, and the 1 hr Kate special that followed. I think the woman is high strung & I wouldn't choose her company, but she's a fine mother & certainly loves her kids. Most of the flack thrown her way comes via America's long established policy of hating the successful, esp. if they happen to be women. For the record - I hate the new hair. She was hot, now (IMO) not so much.

Today is the MLB draft, w/ the 1st and supplemental rounds to be broadcast on the MLB Network. I'll be at work, but I'm DVR'ing it. From 11 pm on I intend to be camped in front of the TV, Baseball America in hand, enjoying the hell out of it. Dorky? Well, yes, in a way. But sexy too, no?

[re: an internet article about 'ugly ducklings' who grew up to be 'beauties', complete with before and after pics] Yeah, uh, I hate to break it to you, but except for the last woman on the page, y'all grew up to look just as doggy as you were as kids. Woof-woof. What's the point of this article? To crush the hopes and dreams of all the Ugly Ducklings out there?

Jeff Suppan was released by the Brewers today. Kudos to the organization for admitting defeat and letting him go, but major props to Jeff for the class he shows in his statement.

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