Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some more FB from August

August 17th

‎@ the barber w/ Smiley and there's a ten yr old crying during his haircut. Nut up dude.

"You don't see your own children grow unless there's a new one to remind you how tiny they come." - quote from The Searchers, by Alan LeMay

During today's trash TV (Maury, etc) there were many ads encouraging people to sue drug companies for X, Y & Z. Here's my 2 cents: if a drug is tested & approved by the FDA, then drug companies should be exempt from litigation related to side effects. Sound harsh? Then make the approval process tougher. Of course, folks already think the process is too long, but the public always finds *something* to complain about. It really is a choice between those two options.

I'm making traditional Hungarian Goulash for dinner. It's the first time I'll ever eat it, much less create it from scratch. I saw the recipe on 'America's Test Kitchen' & had to try it. Beef, paprika, bay leaves, vinegar, 2.5 hrs in a dutch oven, etc - I hope I didn't take on too large of a task.

I rented 'Furry Vengence' w/ Brendan Fraser & Brooke Shields for the kids. They luv it, & I admit LOL'ing when the racoon peed in Fraser's mouth.

9:32 pm: The goulash? Good schtuff Maynard.

August 18th

Study, drill and technique do not stifle talent - they free it. (Fame [2009], a pretty decent flick)

We watched the movie "Extract" last night, starring Justin Bateman, Ben Affleck, and the hot brunette from 'That '70's Show". It was a pretty good comedy, and certainly worth a Redbox rental.

I look good tonight. It's times like this I wish I had a twin brother, just so I'd know what it's like to stand alongside true beauty.

Ah, the culture of snark and pointless hate rises up again, this time to point out how games like Farmville aren't 'real' games, and how they're on the way out. Because remember boys and girls, if a video game appeals to an audience wider than males under 40, it must be crap!

August 19th

Gizmo, the cat we inherited from my wife's Aunt when she passed away in June, stole a 2# bag of shaved ham Lisa had just put on the table. I recovered the torn/chewed bag from the basement floor a few minutes later. Ghetto little beast. In other news, something you don't see every day: two dragonflies bumping nasties in the backyard. It was quite the sight for the kids.

My niece Caitlin made the freshman volleyball team!! It's been proven that High school athletes:* make higher grades* get into less trouble* graduate at a higher rate* drop out less often* have higher GPAs than non-athletes. Now she is a high school athlete, and I couldn't be prouder of you Kay kay!! - Lisa, with a monster 'ditto!' from me

Whenever someone says "I'm not book smart, but I'm street smart", all I hear is "I'm not REAL smart, but I'm IMAGINARY smart" - Carlos Harmon

A local station chopped Snoop's rap out of Katy Perry's "California Gurls" & I mean CHOPPED - as abrupt a change as you''ll ever hear. Another station edited out 'crackhead' in "You're Love is my Drug" - presumably because the Crackhead community might take offense. I suppose these r the same yahoo's that flip over the cover of Rolling Stone on newstands to protect our fragile little eyes. G'damn morality police.

And more radio drama, this time a reverse discrimination phenomenon: a local 'black' station crudely edited out a white singers contribution to an R&B song {Fergie's parts of a Black Eyed Peas tune. EDITED OUT OF HER OWN BANDS SONG}. C'mon - can't we all just get along?

'Slap Chop' is a kitchen gadget sold on late night informercials. Someone got the idea of making a rap video out of the spiel. If you've seen the commercial, you'll be LOL.

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