Monday, November 8, 2010

August 25th - Sept 1st

August 25th

Lisa's mildly p.o.'d at me (what a novelty, eh?) because she dyed her hair a deep, dark red at my request. Uh, a) she doesn't listen to me about anything else, so y start now? b) it's not *half* as dark as I had hoped, so it's not like she 'caved' to my demands c) it looks hot against her pale skin. C'mon - I work hard to look THIS freakin' hot for her, it's only fair she returns the favor. ;)

Lemon law - it's gonna be a thing! - How I Met Your Mother's Barney

August 26th

Ok, saw the Percy Jackson movie and thought it was top notch. The kids enjoyed it a lot but I don't dig PJ murdering his step-dad after the credits rolled (WTF??- glad my kids had already left the room; don't need them getting [more] ideas). Also saw JLO in "Back Up Plan", which was entertaining and featured a fine supporting cast. Easily her best rom-com since "Maid . . ."

It [Marc Cohn's Listening Booth 1970] is a mighty fine album. Pick up a copy.

For no good reason I was up until 5 a.m., then woke up for good at 9:30. It is now just shy of 1 p.m., and I am already a right mean bugger. It's gonna be a doozy of a day.

A Muslim soldier who enlisted in 2009 is refusing deployment to Iraq, citing a conflict with his religous and ethical duties. No comment.

August 27th

WARNING: All my kids have Pillow Pets, courtesy of the various grandparent's, but it turns out that Grace's is a *knock off* , sold fraudulently at a kiosk at Southridge. We'll be contacting the mall officials tomorrow. Despite what the workers tell you, they are NOT pillow pets.

I have come to the conclusion that the sight of a woman wearing capri's and open toed sandals is a gift from God on par with sunsets, kittens, and Oreos. Well done Lord, well done.

August 28th

[Following news of yet another Mexican atrocity] Mexico is a good and proper mess right now, and it's only going to get worse. BTW, the State Dept has ordered the children of American diplomats out of Monterrey citing the danger in Mexico.

Lisa purchased, transported, and set up a twin bed set for Ginger today while I was at work. [thanks!] That means we have a) no more bottles b) no more diapers c) no more cribs [the last of which was converted to a toddler bed for her a year and a half ago]. All milestones, & all good news - but I must admit I got nostalgic walking thru the baby aisle at Pick 'N Save today.

August 29th

It is now 403 am. If I am not hungover in the morning, then I did something wrong.

August 31st

This record [John Mellencamp's "No Better Than This"] is growing on me. "No one cares about me" is a memorable song, and there is, to my ears, a mature Buddy Holly vibe to some of the album.

Finished " The Automatic Detective" by A Lee Martinez; a fun read. I finished it here in a dr's waiting rm on a Nook. Answered several ?'s about the unit. Think I sold one, actually.

[this one only makes sense if you know the kids true names, but it's sooo cute] True story: As you know YaYa is my oldest, but her younger brother doesn't quite grasp the dictionary meaning of her name. When I said the Hail Mary with Smiley the other day, he balked at the traditional wording and came back with "Hail Mary, full of Smiley . . . "

September 1st

It's 3 in the morning and me, Lisa and her friend are sitting on the front porch watching the rain come down.

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