Monday, December 13, 2010

A trip to the park

Here's some great pics of a trip I took to the park on Sept. 25th w/ my three youngest kids.

I took a lot of flack on Facebook for the pictures, as they clearly show that Ginger was barefoot. To cut short any debate here, she had socks and shoes but refused to wear them. Obviously, while it was chilly, she didn't feel it was too cold to go barefoot, and as an experienced father of four I can tell you this: I have bigger things to worry about than the whims of a goofy three year old.


Anonymous said...

Such cute unposed pics! xoxo, Lisa

Sybil said...

Loved the pictures as usual...and so what about no shoes...she is gorgeous with or without...shows how far we have come in this world when one even notices bare feet in most countries shoes are unknown for wee ones...or big ones come to that..
Love Sybil x