Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finishing 2010 on Facebook

Dec 29th

We watched 'Barry Munday' last night, an indie comedy about a man who loses his testicles and then learns he knocked up one of his last conquests. It's a very sweet but dry film, w/ a few scattered LOL's, and Lisa liked it a lot. I wasn't as thrilled, but it was OK. Of course, the subject matter begs the question: would they make a comedy about a woman who loses both breasts to cancer? Same diff right? Ah, the double standard at work.

Bleepin' kids are all over me while Lisa's at the mall. No, you can't go on the computer. No, you can't watch a movie down here. You have the entire 2nd floor, TV and all. Use it. And don't complain. You are a guest here. That's right, a guest. A guest for 18 long years, but a guest all the same. It's my house & my toys, so pbbbt!

Dec 30th

Two pics of YaYa's new perm:

NY Eve
Fyi Adalbert alum - I just saw Sr Kathleen. She says Sr VIrginia's lung collapsed yest. She is in St Lukes but not doing well.

Here's some photos taken during a recent Girl Scout tour of Palermo's Pizza factory.

Jan 1st

A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it - Samuel Johnson

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