Monday, July 8, 2013

The Domes

I've posted about the Milwaukee Domes before, so I'll spare you much of the standard preamble. This past Monday we took advantage of free admission (and having only our two youngest in house) and visited the Milwaukee icon. 

It was a trip probably (and sadly) most memorable for the fact that I was nursing a bad knee injury that left me sidelined by the second dome, and by the third Lisa was forced to get a wheelchair for me to finish the circuit. :( 

Here's Smiley posing by a Sausage Fruit tree. 

On the way back, because the Domes are in our old stomping ground, we showed the kids three of the flats we once rented. This one, on Orchard, did not at all impress the kids. We rented the upper back in '97. Our last flat is still well maintained and pretty, but Smiley no longer has any recollection of it, and Junie never set foot in it - some small proof that we have moved up in the world in the last decade. 

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