Saturday, July 2, 2005

Billboard Pics July 2nd

A few months ago I posted a picture of one of the many ads that were painted on the side of brick buidlings in the Cream City.

I said I wanted to photograph as many as I could before they disappeared, but as always seems to be the case with me I dillie dallied too long.

There was a great, colorful advertisement that took up the side of an old building near Miller Park. I saw it, told myself I'd return to take the pic, and forgot about it.

A week later it was gone, covered by a layer of insulation and fresh siding.

So here's a brief stab at making amends - a survey of some ads I photographed while driving my wife's friend home. All lie within a half-mile of one another on or around a single south side street.

This first shot is that of an old dry-cleaner sign on a building that appears in the process of being converted to a residence.

The more things change . .  While the original business is gone, the building is now occupied by another bakery.

This business is still going, though the beer they advertise is long gone.

A relatively recent ad, also with the business still going.

The ad still applies to the entertainment provided in the building, though the terminology certainly has changed. I don't think it's the original business either; odd how so many buildings seem to draw the same type of company decade after decade.


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alphawoman1 said...

I too take pictures of the sides of buildings!!! hahah!

tre696 said...

I remember the Cleveland Arcade.  I knew the owner of the bar.  It recently went up for sale.  Seeing that sign flashes back memories of the old neighborhood.  Tate's grocery store.  Dollie's on the corner with the penny candy.  Thanks for the trip back to my childhood.


artloner said...

I Love the Go-Go Girls!


mutualaide said...

Great choice of subject matter.  I like seeing the advertisements on the brick buildings as I drive through the city.  Many are faded as in your pictures, but they make for an interesting view.

slapinions said...

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