Sunday, January 2, 2011

More updates from Nov

Nov 18th

Were having some internet problems (by 'problems' I mean I forgot to pay the bill) so for the immediate future all FB will be by mobile only.

Nov 20th

out at a restaurant, and Smiley is macking hard on the cute waitress.

Nov 21st

RIP Laurencia Bembenek. I'm sorry WI denied you justice in life.

Damn Michael Vick is good. (this post, re: the Eagles QB wh0 served time for dog fighting, brought out a very negative response on FB. I replied as follows: so we can/are expected to allow for the rehab of everyone from rapists to killers, but someone responsible for the death of animals is somehow unforgivable? That says more about the screwed up mindset of our society than anything else.)

Nov 22nd

‎"You happy Mommy?" Ginger's favorite ?, asked every morning and off and on throughout the day

Dick Button is a judge on Skating w/ the Stars? What a coup for the show, adding a much needed pinch of respectability to what threatens to be a short lived experiment.

Nov 23rd
Weird day, eh? Late November, but so warm it felt like spring, w/ rain showers and even tornado warnings in SE Wisconsin. & yet it's supposed to be in the 20's later this wk. What a beautiful, whacky state.

Woken up @ 4:45 by noise in the alley, & when I saw the light on in my car I ran outside. No one was there, & I suppose Lis coulda left the lt on. Next time I play hero I can't be barefoot slippers & wearing onlypj bottoms. The hell w/ the danger of a fight, the cold nearly did me in.

I finished Blatty's "Crazy", a novel about a boy who befriends a girl w/ a few screws loose who may/may not be from the future. It'- very sweet and nostalgic, w/ a few good laughs tossed in. As always Blatty's faith provides the philosophical backbone of the book. A nice read in the vein of Mitch Albiom {sic}

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