Saturday, May 14, 2011

An apology, and a short explanation

In six and a half years of writing Slapinions I have only one regret: that in the heat of a contentious American Idol season, this Bo Bice fan called Carrie Underwood a "no talent hack". I was wrong, and I apologize unequivocally.

Back to our regular programming . . .

Or not.

You may have noticed that Blogger, a Google company, went haywire over the last few days. In the end they temporarily wiped all blog entries posted after a certain date/time, to 'reset' the system and restore sanity. As promised, they brought the exorcised posts back, although in the case of this blog, not in the correct order. You'll notice a repeat of at least one post in the next few days. Sorry about that, it isn't my doing.

Which again begs the question of permanence. During Slapinions time on AOL I publicly argued for a print or save option; a year later AOL Journals went belly-up. Blogger has been much more dependable than AOL ever was, but if a Google company can glitch - yikes.

Fred, I'm putting this on you: if something (God forbid) was to ever happen to me, I'd ask that you get a printed/bound copy of this journal into Lisa's hands.

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Joann said...

I LOVED Bo Bice, but I knew Carrie Underwood was a well deserved winner even before it was announced. And I STILL think she's the MOST TALENTED PERSON EVER to come out of American Idol!!! I LOVE HER!!!!! Glad you've realized her talent. = )