Thursday, October 6, 2011

Facebook - the end of September

Sept 25th

"‎I'm reading Mitt Romney's book, and I just don't get many of these "Obama Lite"/weak principles accusations that I hear flying around all over the net. The man skewers Obama on foreign policy and clearly lays out a solid economic plan. He is a politican and unlikely to yak on air just to feed the liberal press, but that doesn't make him weak. So far he has my vote."

Police have found the decapitated head of a newspaper editor in Mexico. Again, the Somalia of North America.

Some more of our garden's yield:



"I had my annual review at work today, and later in the evening intercepted a thief and recovered a bagful of property. Yay me. Of more interest to me, while my opponent still has two players on the field Monday night, I lead my fantasy matchup 115.55 to 55.80."

September 26th

"watching 'Reefer Madness'. 30 seconds in it's already full of hooey. This'll be a hoot!"

Er, no. It was tiresome and so over the top it was dull.

"Lisa & I just finished watching 'Contagion' (bootleg DVD - I didn't download or buy it, I just bummed it off a friend, so my conscience is no more than murky at best). Anyhow, it was a good film and worth seeing, but overall pretty monotonous and dry. Lisa seconded my opinion. C+/B-"

September 27th

8:04 am "‎@ dentist then off to work. Oh it's raining too. Lovely 'morn :("

"‎"When Mitt Romney & Ted Kennedy are celebrating the same piece of legislation, it means only one thing: one of us didn't read it," - Ted Kennedy"

"Tues we watched 'Cedar Rapids' a comedy about an insurance agent from a small town in WI who lets it rip at an industry convention in Iowa. It was funny, believable, and low key considering it had a few raunchy moments. We liked it. Today we watched 'Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen'. I thought it was a fair to good popcorn flick. But then, just when I decided I liked it, my internal plot-maker said "we should be entering the 3rd act about now" . . . and we still had an hour & 8 min too go. Too long, too loose of a plot, and all the Transformers looked alike during their brawls. C."

September 28th, 2011

"‎"Very often education is geared to what it calls extending the frontiers of truth, and sometimes this ideal is prized and used to excuse men from acting on old truths already discovered. The discovery of the size of a distant star creates no moral obligation; but the old truths about the nature and destiny of man can be a reproach to the way one lives." Archbishop Fulton Sheen"

"Have you seen those commercials that follow a little girl's academic path? She's shown to be crazy for science & chemistry, is elected high school class president, wins on Jeopardy, graduates from college babbling medical-speak - and winds up as a pharmacist at Target. I know Target's trying to say "we've got the best and brightest" but to me it screams "Recession. Couldn't afford med school, so I got a job where I could. Sorry Ma." Geez, how depressing. I haven't seen that much wasted potential since I looked in the mirror this morning.

*the above post earned me a few comments adamantly defending pharmacology as a career, and one worthy of respect. That was never the issue. My belief, one that is solidifying over time, is that it is a sin to squander your talents.*

regardless, I still look at her and grimace. Pujols doesn't play tavern league softball. Faulkner didn't write greeting cards. Oliver didn't do sitcoms, and Hawking doesn't teach 2nd grade science. If this woman was 'real', which of course she isn't, her God-given gift for medicine and science are squandered. She should have been out in the world curing cancer or just making the world a better place, not shuffling pills in a retail store. I'm quite serious. The premise deeply upsets me.

I'm not trying to offend pharmacists here (my friend Roy's Dad owned Gull drugs down on Lincoln when I was a kid),and it is of course an honorable profession, but no way that was her first choice, not as gung-ho for science and medicine and diagnosis as she was in the clips. And she will not cure cancer, ALS, MS or anything else while ringing up a prescription and asking if they would like to sign up for a red (Target)card while they're at it. I've pissed away all my potential, and I hope JC rips me one for it at the pearly gates. I'm thinking in her old age Fictional Genius will feel the same.

That Wed night was the final day of the MLB regular season, and three crucial races were up for grabs. In the NL the Cardinals had battled back to tie long-time front runner Atlanta for the Wild Card, while in the AL an epic collapse led Tampa to creep into a tie with Boston. Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun was also neck to neck with Jose Reyes for the NL batting crown.

"So Jose Reyes bunts in his first at bat, then takes a seat rather than risk his lead in the race for the NL batting title. Not exactly the Ted Williams ethic there, eh, Jose? With that move, Braun now needs 3 hits tonight to take the title."

"Drew, the 14 yr old who aced Beiber's ''Baby" on X-Factor, pretty much made the hour."

10:48 pm "Damnit. Cardinals won and Atlanta fell in extra innings. LaRussa's in the playoffs and we face the Diamondbacks on Saturday. Ugh. I wanted a post-season free of Boston and St. Louis fans. I can still get the former, since my Yanks - just to spite Boston, no doubt - let Tampa rally. That decisive game is now in the 12th inning."

11:18 PM "Whoo-hoo! The Red Sox choked in the 9th and lost to Baltimore, and Tampa rallied to win 8-7 which means Tampa takes the Wild Card! Congrats Boston, that month long choke - capped off by yet *another* Boston choke - makes the '69 Cubs look like studs. Enjoy your postseason from your living room you second class wannabee Yanks."

"Listening to the 'Boombox Rehearsals' from Nevermind's 20th anniversary deluxe edition. Simultaneously pre-ordering my kids' school pictures online. The two seem so incongruous. 20 years ago, listening to this for the 1st x, could I have pictured myself with 4 rugrats? Well, yeah. Who am I kidding? I always knew I'd have kids, provided I found a woman foolish enough to repeatedly breed w/ me. BTW, track 38, the rehearsal take of "On a Plain" made me break into a wide grin. I love that song."

Sept 29th

"‎"Nobody can ever claim again with a straight face that the wild card has taken all the excitement out of baseball. Incredible barely begins to describe last night."- comment on"

"‎"When there is a gap between one's real and one's declared aims, one turns, as it were instinctively, to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink." -- George Orwell, "Politics and the English language". Just something to keep in mind when listening to our Prez."

Journalism course instructs students to disregard/water down reporting of Jihad activity. Ah, the media - purveyors of truth and objectivity.

Sept 30th

"After seeing it on Matt K's FB page, Lisa & I streamed "I Think We're Alone Now", a doc that follows 2 people obsessed w/ pop singer Tiffany. One is a hermaphrodite w/ a brain injury who believes Tiffany appeared to her during her coma. The other is an autistic man who has stalked her since her heyday. Both believe Tiffany is their 'friend' & soulmate. It's a depressing film, full of sadness & pain, & despite their obsession and the danger it conceivably poses your heart goes out to them. Available to stream via Netflix."

Spending the morning on the job hunt (just finished a predictive index test) before heading off to work."

"Pausing to search for Halloween costumes for the kids online. Playing Bleach at @ full volume. Life, if not good, is moderately acceptable."

"Listening to Bush's new CD "Sea of Memories"."
- not bad. certainly a good background CD, but my ears didn't pick out anything really 'radio friendly', although "Baby Come Home" might fit the bill.

"<-- not used to a quiet house/lack of chaos. Where are the whiny, bratty kids? Why isn't Lisa pestering me? I am alone for all of 4 hours today and I feel like I've been in solitary for a month. Twitchy/lonely/bored. Geez, nut up."

"RB Peyton Hills was sidelined last Sunday with strep throat. He's OK now, but the Browns are reporting he lost *10 to 12* pounds over the weekend because of the illness and isn't at full strength.. Oh, bulls*it. Who loses that much weight that fast because of a illness that barely knock a kid on their butt? Way to screw w/ my fantasy lineup."

"‎"Mankind must remember that peace is not God's gift to his creatures; peace is our gift to each other." - Elie Wiesel"

"just toured the invitation only open house for the new bay view piggly wiggly. Quite impressive, and i hope they give pns a run for their money"

The local County Executive released a new budget which gutted part of the Sherriff's budget. No co-incidence that the Sherriff is his political nemesis, is it? Here was Sheriff David Clarke's response:

I am not surprised at all by County Executive Abele’s low priority for public safety. He demonstrated his disdain for law and order even before he became county executive. There’s no questioning his authority to propose a budget for Milwaukee County. My advice to him, however, is to go back and read the state constitution, state statutes and the case law relative to the authority of a sheriff. He obviously did not take the time to educate himself.

He does not run the Office of the Sheriff, and I do not take orders or directives from a county executive. Case law is very clear that the sheriff alone decides how to carry out his duty and responsibility. His budget is an obvious attempt to micromanage my office. I am independently elected by the voters of Milwaukee County. He may think that he can eliminate the Discipline Order Training and Structure (DOTS) program, but let me be very clear on this – the DOTS program is staying.

He may think that he can require me to submit reports, but again, the state constitution is very clear when it states that no county official can require a sheriff to submit reports. He can create any study group that he wants and they can make any recommendations they want. Again, I will refer the county executive back to the state constitution and case law that show that the sheriff alone decides how to carry out the duties and responsibilities of his office. My advice to him is not to hold his breath, because he’s not getting any reports.

He talked about shared goals? I don’t share his goal to be soft on crime, coddle criminal inmates and excuse criminal behavior. The first thing that will be cut as a result of this insane budget decrease will be in the area of inmate programs. Inmate programs, except DOTS, will cease to exist and the money saved will be applied to keeping the county a safe place for law-abiding people.

Chris Abele ran for county executive, not sheriff. If he wants to be in charge of my office, he’s going to have to run for sheriff in 2014. Until then, the voters elected me to run the sheriff’s office.

Bam! Straight talk, gloves off.

*The Rays beat the Rangers to open the playoffs, while the Yanks-Tigers were rained out.

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