Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Six months.

It's been nearly six months since my last post here on Slapinions. Yikes.

That's not to say I haven't been writing. I post like mad on Facebook, occasionally (ok, rarely) on Twitter, and since we last saw each other I've had work published in three Wisconsin newspapers. If you're a long-time reader, by all means, follow me in the world of social media. You may not be entertained, but at least you'll never have to wonder where I am.

But back to Slapinions . . .

It's been an up and down six months, full of some crushing lows and great rebounds. I've started a new job (and kept the old one part time) and things *seem* to be on the upswing [knock on wood]. The kids are doing great, if by great you mean healthy and happy and wildly annoying, and we've added a new addition to the house. No, not another spawn, a cat named Gus-Gus that we got for LuLu from the Humane Society.

There's a whole lot more to say about the last six months but the mere thought of thinking about those 180 days, much less writing about 'em, seems like too much of a chore. Eventually I'll repost my FB updates here and you can catch up in due time if you care (and if you do, my word you need a hobby)

Meanwhile, in lieu of actual content, let me just say a few words about some books I've read recently.

Bereft is a novel by Chris Womersely set in rural Australia at the conclusion of WWI. Ten years ago Quinn Walker fled his hometown on the night his 12 year old sister was raped and murdered, leaving his family and community thinking he was the killer. Now a grown man with a face disfigured by war, he has returned in secret, but for what reason? To avenge his sister? To confess? And what of the mysterious young girl he meets in the woods, the girl who seems to know secrets far beyond her years? It's a strong, well done mix of literary fiction and thriller, with a hint of the supernatural thrown in, all written with wonderful style. Grade: A (book #32 of the year)

Seth Grahame-Smiths' Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter left me torn. On one hand I greatly enjoyed the novelty of the premise for about 3/4's of the book  (Lincoln's life as we know it was nothing compared to the bitter,life-long war he waged against Vampires, many of whom wished to keep slavery intact to ensure a plentiful supply of food). And then . . .then it became woefully apparent that it was just a novelty, a cheap little means of piquing your interest in hopes that you finish the book before you realize the author has very little content, and only a hint of style, to offer you. Grade: C
(book #33 of the year)

I rented Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol thinking that it would be white noise on the TV while I puttered around doing this or that. You know what? I was an idiot. Not only was this a good film, it was a GREAT action film, with exotic locales, nerve-wracking stunts and great fight scenes. Color me impressed! Grade: A+

And finally, the most important review of the evening: 

The tamales at the local Piggly Wiggly are sinfully delicious. :)

I hope you are all happy and well, 



Ken Riches said...

Glad that things are doing OK in your neck of the woods.

Sybil said...

well Dan I never thought I'd live to see you again LOL I already nearly had an heart attack when I saw tonight that you had written !!! I did not know you were on face book. I am as well if you look me up !!!!
Love to everybody....keep blogging..Facebook has a lot to answer for
Sybil xx