Monday, May 13, 2013

LuLu goes to see Justin Bieber 10/21/12

Last October LuLu and Lisa went to see Justin Bieber in concert at the BMO Harris Bradley Center here in Milwaukee. This was her second ever concert, the first being NKOTB back in 2008. 

 Here are the four texts Lisa sent me from the show: 

7:33 PM [Spent $] 25 on junk . . .finally seated . . . ppl in our seats sigh . . .

7:55 PM No signs allowed . . . all confiscated . . . was sad to see the mountain of ‘em lol . . 
[re]member a fight at a nks [New Kids on the Block] concert about a sign . . .listening to mj/munchin breadsticks while we wait

8:06 PM Show starting in 2 min

9:36 PM – Starting encores . . prob can leave [to get us] soon

The opening act was Carley Rae Jepsen

Lulu: "I only got to see one of her songs, Call Me Maybe, cuz before we went into the concert we waited in line for souvenirs, and then someone was in our seat so we had to get someone [to move them]. I did like it a lot."

The Setlist: Carly Rae Jepsen--10/21/12--BMO Harris Bradley Center
1. "Tonight I'm Getting Over You"
2. "Good Time"
3. "This Kiss"
4. "Your Heart is a Muscle"
5. "Call Me Maybe"

The Setlist: Justin Bieber--10/21/12--BMO Harris Bradley Center
1. "All Around The World"
2. "Take You"
3. "U Smile" & "That Should Be Me" (a capella snippets)
4. "Catching Feelings"
5. "One Time"/"Eenie Meenie"/"Somebody to Love" medley
6. "Love Me Like You Do"
7. "She Don't Like The Lights"
8. "Die In Your Arms"
9. "Beautiful" (duet with Carly Rae Jepsen)
10. "Out of Town Girl"
11. "Be Alright" (performed acoustic)
12. "Fall" (performed acoustic, including Bieber on guitar)
13. "Never Say Never"
14. "Beauty and a Beat" (included Bieber drum solo)
15. "One Less Lonely Girl"
16. "As Long As You Love Me"
17. "Believe"

1. "Boyfriend"
2. "Baby"

She had a blast :)

Her favorite part of the concert? "Seeing 

him," Lulu said. 

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