Thursday, June 20, 2013

A day with Team Slap

Nothing exciting today, but busy? Busy I have. For starters, we took Junie to her College for Kids class, then decided to dine at a local eatery called Hi-Fi. It's a kitchy place with art all over the walls, and Smiley had a blast during lunch playing "I Spy". 

Me? I thought the food was overpriced and average (so overpriced Lisa & Smiley shared a lunch, and I abstained). In addition, a lot of the artwork on the walls had an anti-Christian bent - Pinnochio hanging on a crucifix for instance - and while they're entitled to their opinion it doesn't make it any more comfortable for me to give them my money. 

We then crossed the street and perused a used bookstore, and if you know me you know that was a great half hour. 

When we returned home Smiley and I went out for a jog, doubling back all the way to the restaurant we'd just left. 

Once we picked up Junie from school we went to the laundrymat (our washer is kaput) where Smiley read me the book we'd bought him at the used place ("Kids ask How?") cover to cover :)

Junie did the project below for one of her classes. It's a tic-tac-toe board made of popsicle sticks that folds up accordian-fan style when you aren't playing. The ribbon you use to tie it doubles as a holder for the two different kinds of beads you use as markers. 

What a neat project!

After that we ran several errands before returning home. Not an atypical day around here; Team Slap is nothing but busy!

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jeanne said...

Sounds like a great day