Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Junie's Graduation

June 6th was Junie's graduation from K5 to 1st grade, an event celebrated fondly for each of our kids. This year's event resulted in a fair amount of turmoil, but I will keep that out of this post and simply stick to the bright shiny parts :)

Here's the girl on her big day:

Here are water bottles Lisa customized for the event. She designed and ordered the labels off of Ebay, affixed them, and then decorated them with a ribbon in the school colors. 

Here are Smarties candies that Lisa rolled in paper marked "2013", tied with ribbon and sent in as "diplomas" for the snack table. 

Here's Junie again. 

The big moment arrives: 

A proud grad!

Afterwards we lunched at the Nite Owl. 

Congratulations Junie! We are proud of you and will love you forever!

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