Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years Eve 2016

This year, for what may honestly be the first time this century, Lisa and I headed out alone for New Years Eve. We signed up to do another painting at Splash Studio to ring in 2017. 

Look how purty we are!

The project started out with a yellow disc.

Then, a white ring around the disc. 

Then teal around that, and a bunch of blending. 

Starting at the corners, you being to fill in the background with dark blue arcs. 

Being veterans, Lisa knew to paint the sides of the frame. 

You draw in the moon. 

And shade it properly. 

The trees .  . . oh, don't get me started. I found the trees a pain in the butt. LOL

2017 was nearing . . . 

Once we added snowflakes to the painting, it was done. 

We each signed our respective halves. 

Then midnight came, and we kissed, had champagne, and danced before heading home. 

Happy New Year Everyone!

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