Monday, October 20, 2008

Favre = Benedict Arnold? Maybe

You'd think that the fine performance by Aaron Rodgers in the past six games - well, five of the last six - would help squash the creepy Brett Favre obsession here in Wisconsin.

Apparently not, as local stations run commercials pimping next week's Jets game (!). Socialist himself was annoyed Favre's Jets played at the same time as the Pack this week, handicapping his viewing pleasure.

Well what do you think about your hero now folks? There are reports that Favre called opposing teams to feed them information about the Packer's offense

Sure, nothings proven in court, and the reports might prove as false as the web fury over the 'Kill him!' screech at a Palin rally, [which was later denied by the very Secret Service agents that were scattered in the crowd].

Favre certainly denies it, and by text message no less. Of course, not so long ago he swore he wasn't considering returning to the game, and he text messaged that too.

Several NFL sources state that Favre initiated a call to the Lions and spent between an hour and ninety minutes giving a "dissertation, every single thing that the Green Bay Packers do on offense".

Oh, and for the record, the Lions have issued a 'no comment' and their individual coach's have pointedly not stepped forward to deny the report.

Allegedly, he's done the same thing before other Packer games this year too. Stay classy Brett, stay classy.

How did the current Packers react to the news? Charles Woodson: "I don't respect that. If they called him and he gives them information, that's one thing. But to seek a team out, because, you know, I guess you're trying to sabotage this team, you know I don't respect that. I know he's been the greatest player around here for a long time but there's no honor in that."

It's pretty blatant that Brett not only holds a grudge but prefers to deal with it like a spoiled child. He's gone public with the fact that he called injured Dallas QB Tony Romo to wish him well, but has done nothing publicly or privately for Aaron Rodgers, who's played through a shoulder injury for two weeks.

Cullen Jenkins: "I don't have nothing against Brett personally. But I think in his position, he could at least show a little more class, a little more respect to Aaron in that regard."

Here's hoping that, if confirmed, it kills the Brett mania around here for good. Oh, and Brett?

I enjoyed the Jets OT loss to Oakland. Hope you did too.

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