Monday, March 9, 2009

Aunt Mabel

The picture above is of my Aunt Mabel. She was born two years before my late Grandma, which would place her at 88 years old this year.

88 years old, living on her own near 10th and Oklahoma and fully independent.

A week ago she was in her living room when she heard a noise. When she turned around there was a man behind her, his face covered by a ski mask.

He told her he wouldn't hurt her if she gave him all her money. Considerate of him.

She told him she only had ten dollars on her, which was true. He took it and left by the back door.

A few minutes later she worked up the nerve to head in that direction towards the phone.

The man, inexplicably, was hiding in the kitchen.

He took her into her bedroom and asked where her jewelry was kept. She told him he was welcome to it, but that her best pieces were bought from Kmart.

He began throwing the contents of her dresser on the bed. She told him to take anything he'd like but please, please leave her medicare and social security cards behind.

He began stuffing her empty purse with whatever he could find, including - perhaps as an insult - the medicare card she begged to keep.

In the pile of junk he'd thrown on the bed was a bank envelope with $150 that her granddaughter had dropped off the day before. In plain sight she casually slipped the envelope out of the pile and under the afghan.

He never noticed.

He left again, this time for real, spewing out the usual threats.

Brave man.

The cops were sympathetic but told her she should have kept the lights on, she should have done this, she shouldn't have done that . .

How about he shouldn't have broken into her house and threatened an old woman? How about that officer?

Aunt Mabel spent one night at her granddaughter's house, at their request, before returning home for good.

As of yet, the man has not been found. The description is vague, beyond that he was black and average height, but he will no doubt repeat this somewhere else and be caught or killed.

Not everyone has the constitution of my Aunt. My Grandma would have died from fright; I have no doubt about that.

If you know an elderly person living alone, in that or any other neighborhood, check on them often.


Donna said...

That poor, dear lady. We are living in perilous times.

Jeanne said...

Give my prays to Aunt Mable, what a brave lady....I noticed too, the the police are great at telling the person what they should have done, but the crook still gets away

Bridgett said...

Oh my goodness. That's sickening. :(

Your poor aunt. What a brave soul she is.


Astaryth said...

That blows! I won't say 'your poor Aunt' cause that lady obviously rocks and is well able to keep her head in an emergency ;p Still, for someone to prey on the elderly or the infirm is just wrong, and, as usual, the police are just such a big help. Sigh!

Beth said...

I'm glad Aunt Mabel is okay.

Did you hear about the 70-something lady (I think from Ohio) who walloped a robber with her Emeril Lagasse skillet? It was great. Emeril sent her a whole set of his cookware when he heard about it.

I've got an iron skillet, and that sucker is heavy. Not only would it take some strength to swing it, it would really do some damage.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad that Aunt Mabel was not hurt, and that the envelope was deftly hidden :o)