Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A 3rd Grade Photo from 1983


An old classmate posted this picture, dated June 7th 1983, on Facebook. I'd completely forgotten about this get-together in the intervening years.

I'm in the second row from the top, wearing a lovely red-white-and blue shirt with horizontal stripes. In those days I wore a newsboy hat, or a white leather cap that my Grandpa gave me, so the Brewers hat doesn't jibe with my memory. It's a shame I didn't recognize the value of my fantastic hair at that age. I would never have worn a hat and wasted the God-given gift.

The woman in the picture was Mrs. Kusch (sp?), my 3rd grade teacher, and at the end of the year she invited the entire class to her home. It was certainly a more innocent time, as I can't imagine a teacher risking the liability today. I don't remember much of the day. I have a flash of hurrying through her kitchen, and of actually posing for the picture, but that's about it.

Man, its 27 years later and I have a third grader of my own -yikes!


Anonymous said...

"That day is a hazy memory for me also. Although I do remember the water balloon fight. And Dan, don't feel bad about having a child in third grade 27 years later, my oldest is a Senior. :)"

- Cheryl G. on FB

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

What a treasure to get this picture, FB has some real upsides.

Slapinions said...

Ken - I've been fortunate enough to reconnect with a good half-dozen of my grade school classmates through FB. We haven't seen each other since '88, and it's good to catch up.

Bridgett said...

Okay, that's pretty cute!