Sunday, July 22, 2012

The 2012 Dance Recital

My kids take dance classes every year and participate in a massive recital each May. This year the owner of the studio asked me to write a brief series of skits for the show, to string together the dances into a coherent narrative. My salary? At my insistence YaYa was given one of the two main parts, and she did great!

For those of you close friends and family who failed to properly support my children by attending the performances - shame on you. But here's a small taste of what you missed.

ps - sorry about the picture quality but I forgot my camera and made do with my phone

Good evening/afternoon, and welcome to ***  Dance Studios production of 'Up in Grannies Attic'. Our students have worked hard all year to bring you the very best show possible, and they're excited to see all their family and friends in the audience. Please, remember to shut off your cell phones, and for the safety of our dancers no photography will be allowed. And now, enjoy the show!
Girl 1: Grammie Miss Barbara, we're bored!
Girl2: Yeah, there's nothing to do while it's raining outside. Can we pleassse use your phone to text our friends?
GMB: I've told you girls before, Grammie Miss Barbara doesn't do text messages. If you're in such a hurry to write your friends, mail them a letter. [sizzle]. Besides, there's plenty to do in this old attic.
Girl2: Like what? There's nothing up here but cobwebs.
Girl 1: Yeah, and these old trunks.
GMB: But that's exactly what I mean! These trunks aren't just boxes, they hold a lifetime of fun and memories. Go ahead and open one. You'll see.
[the kids do so. Girl 1 lifts out a wedding dress.]
Girl 1: Wow!
Girl 2 [now wearing an eye patch and waving a rubber sword] Look at me, I'm a pirate! Arrrrr!
[both girls laugh].
GMB: I bet if you girls take your time, you'll find plenty to keep you busy up here until dinner.
Girls: OK.
GMB [begins to walk offstage, then stops and turns back, as the girls begin playing with some dolls they've found]. Oh girls?
Girls2: Yes?
GMB: While you're up here, it wouldn't hurt to clean up some of these cobwebs either.
[music begins]


[the girls are digging through a trunk]
Girl1: Hey, will you look at this! [holds up a string of LP's]
Girl2 [shaking her head] : Who would ruin a perfectly good CD by punching a hole in the middle?
Girl1: [puts the 45's back] Did you find anything interesting?
Girl2: Sure. [Shows off a poodle skirt she found]. How do I look?
Girl1: Neat. But check this out. [takes a hippie outfit out of the trunk and holds it up to her chest, makes peace sign]. Peace, man!
[both girls laugh].
Girl2: Do you think Grammie Miss Barbara actually wore this stuff?
Girl 1: I don't know. But if she did, I'm glad she stopped. This stuff is embarrassing. It's not half as cool as our skinny jeans and hair feathers.
[music starts]
(Ginger danced to Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Smiley did a Mambo, LuLu did See Ya Later Alligator and YaYa danced to Cotton Eyed Joe and Tutti Fruitti)

Girl 2: What are you looking at?
Girl1[holding a photo album]: It's an old photo album of Grammie Miss Barbara's. It has photos going back generations.
Girl2: Family is important to Grammie Miss Barbara.
Girl1: You bet it is. Did you know that every year her dance studio has a very special dance? It's called the Family Dance, and everyone you see on the stage has a relative that goes to the studio. There's Mom's and Daughters, sisters and brothers, even Grandma's and grandsons. It's a tradition that's important to Arabesque, and it happens every year.
Girl2: Wow. I wish I could see the Family Dance. I wonder what it would look like . . .
[music starts]

Girl2 [by an open trunk]: Oh! I found the Christmas decorations! Come see!
[Girl 2 holds up a string of lights, Girl 1 grabs something else from the trunk].
Girl 2: Do you think this Christmas Grammie Miss Barbara will let us put out a stocking here? Just in case Santa stops here too?
Girl1: I don't see why not.
Girl2: Good. [reveals what she took out of the trunk, a super large Christmas stocking as large as she is]
[music starts]

(We bought all the kids roses and personalized them with a note, but somehow YaYa's was packaged MINUS the rose! She took the oopsie with uncharacteristic grace).


[Girl 1 is sweeping the floor with a broom]
Girl 2: What do you think you're doing?
Girl 1: Grammie Miss Barbara asked us to clean up some of the cobwebs, remember?
Girl 2: Since when do you do chores without someone nagging you? [suspicious] Did she pay you when I wasn't looking?
Girl 1: No. I just think it's a shame that these trunks have been up here so long. There's too many great things in them to just let them gather dust.
Girl 2: [skeptical] Hmm. If you say so. Go ahead, keep sweeping. But Grammie Miss Barbara said we could play up here until dinner. As far as I'm concerned, it's the weekend, and anything goes.
[music starts]
(after the recital I treated the family to dinner and dessert at Kopp's, and YaYa and Lisa shared a touching hug)


Girl 1: It's almost dinner. We should start putting this stuff back.
[the girls are putting items away]
Girl 2: Grammie Miss Barbara was right, her attic is a great place. There's so many memories, and so many things to explore.
Girl1: I know. I'd almost wish it would rain every time we visit, just so we could play up here.
Girl 2: Every time??
Girl 1: Ok. Every other time. Come on, let's ask Grammie Miss Barbara if we can watch a movie after dinner. [they close the trunk and begin to walk off stage]
Girl 2: Sure. Anything in particular?
Girl 1: Oh, I don't know. Have you ever seen Free Willy?