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Welcome to 2003! pt 2

July 2003
Friday July 4th: parade, Brewers game, fireworks

Sunday the 6th: Lu’s baptism at 9:30 mass and brunch

Tuesday the 8th: Dad Kohn’s bday

Friday July 11: Tre’s wedding rehearsal; YaYa pukes in our car

Sat July 12: Tre’s wedding

Sunday July 13th: mall with Lu and YaYa

Wednesday the 16th: 2pm 6 week check up with ob/gyn

Sun July 20th: Chuck E Cheese for Jonah’s birthday

Monday the 21st: Zoo

Wed the 23rd – theft! (of what, I don’t remember)

Thursday the 24th – park with Mom (Lisa?) and Grandpa S.

Sunday the 27th:  Anthony’s ? birthday party at chuck e cheese. Pink eye.

Monday the 28th: Discovery World

Tuesday the 29th: Lu pink eye; doc appt

August 2003
Friday the 1st: museum with Jonah, Caitlin, Jordan and YaYa

Sat the 2nd : pink eye me and jonah & bronchial sinus infection. Dinner at jeanne’s. Jonah stays with us through the 5th.  YaYa stays with my folks during that same period to avoid getting pink eye.

Sunday the 3rd: Federation picnic

Tues the 5th:  my Dad took YaYa to the playground. I took Lu to the doc. 40 cm, 23”, 11 # 12 oz. 4 shots (immunizations).

Wed the 6th: Chris, Miller Park. Rain.

Thurs 7th: movie with Jon. Pirates.

Friday the 8th: slept all day.  That weekend “bad weekend at work”

Monday the 12th : WIC

Tues 13th: take both girls to play on Miller Park’s playground

Thursday the 14th: Snappers ballgame

Friday the 15th  through the 16th: take Jonah and Caitlin with us to the Kalahari; our kids left behind with my folks

Monday the 18th: Chris over. Watch Adaptation. Watch Lu 1-5 and go shopping

Tues the 19th: Italian restaurant and Walmart

Wed the 20th: Lu sleeps through the night!

Thurs the 21st: Lu rolls over!

Friday the 22nd: dinner at Jeanne’s. I watch Lu 2-3 hrs (why did I keep noting this? It’s my kid, why *wouldn’t* I be watching her?)

Saturday the 23rd: Bad day at work. Ballgame with Dad and Elliot; 5 wins in a row. This is the day of Becky and Balto’s wedding; my absence would earn me her scorn for years afterwards.

Sunday the 24th: did nada

Friday the 29th: horrible dinner at La Toscana

Sat the 30th: Harley Parade. YaYa enjoys it a lot. Olive Garden with Lis

September 2003

Monday the 1st – slept all day. Felt like sh*t.

Tuesday the 2nd – Lisa & the girls went to sleep early. Watched Brewers game

Wed the 3rd: cemetery. Olive Garden. Sick – cxl Brewers game

Thurs the 4th – family has pink eye. Lu 11# 140z.  also that day: YaYa and Lisa and the chicken/M&M incident, followed by a  smiley face.??????

Friday the 5th: bought YaYa a tent, watched ‘em 630-9 am. Fight with Lisa

Monday the 8th: tour Miller Park. Brewers game with Elliot

Tues the 9th: YaYa and Lu doc. 12# 12oz? Tour Miller Park with Lisa, eat at Front Row. Hepatitis 2 vaccination.

Wednesday the 10th: Took girls to Blockbuster and library to sign up for storytime, and McDonald’s to sign up for party, then Walmart for party supplies, then Pic ‘N Save (grocery). Lu laughed! Lu’s 1st baseball game!

Thursday Sept 11th: 2nd anniversary of 9/11. Beef meal. John Ritter and Johnny Cash die.

Friday the 12th: Socialist and I hang out. Rickie Weeks called up to majors.

Saturday the 13th: Brewers win 5-4. Sexson 2 hr. Clean house in exchange?. Lu in saucer (walker)

Sunday the 14th: YaYa pees in potty!

Monday the 15th: boring day off. Shopping, Ned’s Pizza. Watched TV.

Tuesday the 16th: Spare ribs for dinner. Miller Park with Dad. Lisa moody. YaYa peed once, then disaster after disaster. MIR sighting by Jose??

Thursday the 18th: Argue with rec division. Comiskey?

Friday Sept 19th: poop at 648! (I assume this means YaYa used the potty)

Saturday the 20th: Jenny’s bachelorette party

Sept 21st: Brewers game with Grandpa Kohn and Dennis. YaYa – toddler bed!

Sept 23rd: Brewers w/ YaYa and Faith. Buckethead. Called shot. Harley.

Sept 24th: White Sox game (I think this was the Yankees game I attended with my Dad)

Thursday the 25th: slept all day. Friends premiere. YaYa at Arthur Ave – 1st time post potty training!

Friday the 26th: dinner at Uncle Kenny’s

Friday the 27th: Yaya’s 1st swim class and music for tots!

Saturday the 28th: Lisa sees ‘Thirteen’ with Mindy. I watch girls. $ store boxes J (?)

Monday the 29th: shave beard (followed by frowning face)

Tues the 30th: dentist

October 2003
Wednesday the 1st: Great A’s/Bosox game

Thursday the 2nd: took YaYa to toddler group (she peed). Watched girls for 2 hrs.

Saturday the 4th: 2nd swim class. Took grandma then went shopping

Thursday the 9th: 3rd shift field trip to Holy Hill and Mr. D’s

Saturday the 11th: Dale’s last day at work

Friday the 17th: tour Dale’s new hotel

Saturday the 18th: Jose’s wedding

Tues the 21st : Miller Park symposium with Tre

Wed the 22nd: took girls to Jaspare and shopping.

Thurs the 23rd: YaYa’s 2nd birthday. Opens family gifts. Toddler group and library for her first library card! Chris and Jeanne over.

Friday the 24th: clean bedroom. Dinner at Schroeder’s.

Saturday the 25th: 7th anniversary. Trick or treat. Ricardo’s for dinner and saw Wonderland at the Downer (loved it). Yankees lose the World Series. Ray calls to taunt me with that fact at the movie.

Sunday the 26th: Trick or Treat. YaYa’s second birthday party (McDonald’s) at 4 p.m.  Yankees lose Dada??

Wed the 29th: 7pm Halloween party at Zablocki school. 3PM pediatrician for YaYa

November 2003

Sunday the 1st: Rosie’s bridal shower

Saturday the 15th: work xmas party

Thursday the 20th: good Friends episode. JFK special.

Friday the 21st: Aunt Rosie and Bob’s wedding.

Saturday the 22nd: Jonah and Caitlin book making? Christmas tree up.

Friday the 28th: Royette’s bday

Saturday the 29th: Saw Bad Santa (I think with Jon)

December 2003
Saturday the 6th: St Nick’s. Fight with Chris. Candy Cane lane.

Monday the 8th: Olive Garden

Tuesday the 9th: Pewaukee? Rafters (restaurant)

Wednesday the 10th: Scabies! [relax, it was NOT me - but it's an anecdote worth remembering]

Friday the 12th: Rockettes (YaYa). I watch Lu.

Saturday the 13th: The shuttle van at work was shot at. Sadam Hussein captured!

Sunday the 14th: Lunch with Santa

Monday the 15th: Dermatologist appt. Ground Round. YaYa’s 2nd baptismal anniversary

Tues the 16th: Christmas shopping

Wednesday the 17th: Sledding! 100th anniversary of manned flight

Thursday the 18th: Lisa sick. Dinner at Uncle Ken’s. Jonah and Caitlin’s Christmas concert.

Monday the 22nd: LuLu get’s shots (immunizations) at 

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