Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Grandpa's Day August 17th, 2005

Twenty-two years ago today, my maternal grandfather took me on a road trip. Within a few weeks he was dead, and on the anniversary of the trip I celebrate the spirit of the day by spending the day with a loved one.

Today, the whole family made the trip.

Our first stop was the cemetary, where we introduced Parker to his great-Grandpa and placed wildflowers (grown and cut by the Mrs.) on the grave. Yes, I know, kinda odd to be smiling at a gravesite, and I look like awful to boot, but there ya go . .

We then headed over to Betty Brinn's Children's Museum on the lakefront. YaYa stated a preference for the Art Musuem down the road, but the words "I already have an annual family pass and I'm broke" decided the day. We listened to a story, hunted for seashells, did an art project, watched a Curious George movie, and camped out in the hands-on exhibit area for a bit.

Then it was on to the local firefighter's museum - which was closed for the day.

This follows a long string of failures - YaYa's stated desire to be a "firefighter, and a doctor and maybe a mommy" had elicited a promise from me to see a firehouse over the summer. Unfortuantely, we've been foiled at every turn. After the latest letdown I made a stop at a firehouse that had its garage door open. My only idea was to get within sight of the fire engines, but one of the firefighters came out and agreed to a tour. Success!

YaYa was taken aboard the firetruck, given a chance to 'drive' the rig and try on a mask, and was taken through an ambulance and given a tour of the firehouse itself. She was awed and strangely quiet - until she got back in the car!

From there we ran errands to the mall and post office, then picked up fast food and had a picnic in the shadow of Miller Park, where a little league game was being played on the field where County Stadium once stood. The kids played on the neigboring playset for a bit, and then it was on to home.

Not a bad way to spend any day, but truly a great way to spend Grandpa's Day.


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psychfun said...

Wow! You wore me out just reading everything you did! That sounds like soooo much fun! What a fun dad you are & one who keeps his promises, creatively, I tell you! She will really remember that! Great Job! Keep those memories for later!


psychfun said...

Oh forgot....some men would be lucky to look that awful! :-)

slapinions said...

Entry Date: 2005-08-17 11:53:52

Name: Jeanne
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: Miss your writting....Now I'm re-reading you old bogs.  Love the story about Joseph and the coat 1/05

slapinions said...

Entry Date: 2005-08-18 01:31:00

Name: grammiekathys6@--
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Visitor Comments:

Dan, I love how you spent Grandpa's Day!  I'm so glad you got to take Smiley to  meet Grandpa. It's so special when we took the kids as babies to the cemetary.If my Dad would still be alive he'd be in his glory with his great-grandkids just how he was with you kids.I love you.I'm glad you keep grandpa in your heart.   Love, Mom