Monday, May 18, 2009

Milwaukee Police: Seeking info on suspected serial killer

The Milwaukee Police Department has announced that they are seeking a serial killer suspected of killing six or more women over a 21 year period. DNA found on all six victims match that of the unknown suspect. Additionally, more than two dozen more samples are being examined in cases involving other potential victims.

It should be noted that the killer does not appear in any law enforcement DNA database, which means he has avoided conviction in Wisconsin since at least 1996, and avoided conviction for sexual assault in Wisconsin since 1994. In other words, he has managed to slip under the radar for decades, possibly living an ordinary day-to-day existence. Frightening, to say the least.

The information below is from JSOnline. Anyone with information related to the women below should of course contact the MPD immediately.

The victims include:

Deborah L. Harris, 31, was found on Oct. 10, 1986. in the Menominee River about 100' east of the Ember Lane Bridge, tied with a clove hitch knot.

Tanya L. Miller, 19, was found strangled on Oct. 11, 1986, between a house and garage in the 2100 block of N. 28th St.. She was fully clothed but wearing no shoes. Her socks were clean, leading police to believe her body was moved from the spot of her death. She was last seen around 10:30 p.m. on the day before, talking with friends on a street corner.

Sheila Farrior, 37, a mother of five, was found June 27, 1995 in the bedroom of a vacant home on the 1400 block of W. Chambers St. by the building's owner, who went there to inspect remodeling work.

Jessica Payne, 16, ran away from home shortly before she would have started junior year at South Milwaukee High School. She was found Aug. 30, 1995 behind a vacant house at N. 7th and W. Chambers streets. Chaunte D. Ott was convicted of her homicide and sentenced to life in prison after a man told police Ott had confessed to killing Payne during an attempted robbery. In January, Ott was released from prison after DNA linked Payne's death with that of two other women.Payne's killing does not fit the profile of the others, police said.

Joyce Mims, 41, was found by workers renovating a vacant house on the 2900 block of N. 5th St. on June 20, 1997. She had been strangled. Mims was last seen by family members walking away from her home two days before her body was found. She had a son.

Ouithreaun Stokes, 28, was found by a city inspector and two other people on April 27, 2007 at a boarded-up building that had previously served as a rooming house. She was 28.


Beth said...

I'm fascinated by serial killers, and part of it is the reason you mentioned...someone has been living out there, going about their daily business and probably interacting with people, while hiding this horrible secret. My Mom instilled a healthy fear in me of trusting anyone, no matter how nice they seem. Her mantra was "Just look at Ted Bundy!"

Bridgett said...

Wow. A little sickening is it?

This is EXACTLY why I find it hard to trust anybody these days. You just never know what lurkes under the pleasant smile and average, everyday life.

Scary stuff.